Aztec Silver Sun Calendar Necklace

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Aztec Sun Calendar Medallion Necklace 

Style with meaning. 
Show your Raza in this gold Aztec Chain Necklace. 

Medium Medallion Size: .75in 

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Sun Stone, or the Stone of Axayacatl. Depicts the 20 daysigns around the Sun God.

The tonalpohualli, or day-count, has been called a sacred calendar because its main purpose is that of a divinatory tool. It divides the days and rituals between the gods. For the Aztec mind this is extremely important. Without it the world would soon come to an end. According to Aztec cosmology, the universe is in a very delicate equilibrium. Opposing divine forces are competing for power. This equilibrium is in constant danger of being disrupted by shifting powers of the gods, of the elemental forces that influence our lives. This struggle cannot be won by any god.